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May,i command you to believe in me,because i am the I am before. I refuse to let anyone go,but aslong i care,i have my Karma,your Karma and our dharmic A-kash. I speak the Feeling of God and still know how God feels. Trust me,i am Powerfull,but Subconciousness first First. I know no War,i only see me and you,Me and You,we are almost prepaired,like Memory,but all the Way Bishi-Bashi! We no no Failure,we only fight our Self's. If you are willing,you imagine and if you get tempted,you invest and when you prosper,you understand and when you communicate,you intell your Gents and Gems... #Amen #Resistandrejoice #Allisdoneabout #FleetheFluent #AbleShapes