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Spruch ID: 3291248
Names are given to everything Living. Names are gifted for anything in Life. Names are Gems for anyone living Life. Names are Labour to everyone live Living: Anything inherits a Symbole and everything inherits a Craft; Everything inherits a Mark and anything inherits a Force; Anyone needs to take Mind for bleeding a Truth; Everyone needs to take Advance for sueing a Love. There is this and that Question,but Noone is able to answer the Conquest Life is giving at All; There is this and that Solution,but Noone is able to answer the Mystery Life is being Universe; There comes maybe a lot or less your Ways,but nothing takes more away of your Power than the cosmic Ability; There runs surely a lot or less your Perception,but nothing dissorts and distorts more of you than the Rumor of the galactic Agitation. Be sure,just be,be yourself,be the Self - Aum,Tat Sat: The Moment you give Life to something,you get a Taste of Goodness; The Moment you take Life away of something,you get a Taste of Madness; The Moment you testify your Life with something,you Kind your Reality; The Moment you inherit your Life as something,you Mind your State of Attitude. Am-pli-tude: Param-Atme-Aum - You taste like Sweetness,the Joy for ever Force; You smell like a Flower,the Bloom for ever Glory; You look like a Giant,the Blur for ever Great; You listen like a Prime,the Flue for ever Mind; You feel like a Crime,the Crow for ever Wind. #Amen #NamesareCaves #ForeverNevermind #AbletoFree #ReadytoPicture