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It is no Gift to find Muse or Culture in the very One. Being Restless is the Tribe of Growth,and as you grow forth,you first ask a lot,but then you find a lot and the Destiny is to say,solve and salute a lot. It is all in One: Finding Solution makes you nervous and it prepares you to seek; Finding Cognition makes you curious and it changes your Dictations; Finding the Mind makes you selfish and it takes a lot Grants; Finding the Self makes you pleasure and it hits with its Memories. All is about the Sex: As you mens-tru-ate,you awake to Pride and if you get vitaliced,you get the Feeling of your Pleasure by Taking in and Taking out - Milk. As you out-flu-id-s,you awake to Humblence and if you get arranged,you get the Feeling of Nudes by Giving in and Giving out - Honey. Well,if there was no God or Goodness,there would be Temptation and Betrayal all over,but he who breaths the Universe and speaks about all in Life has his cosmic Relation to the Creation and the Galaxy-Me calls his Names by Difference and Unity. As you learn and realize to be a Conquerer and to conquer,the Conquest and Question of Life and Mankind relates itself as Unbornness to ones Soul,and further with Growth,it gets vitalized by Time/Dime and it reveals itself as Woman and Men,further on you get attached by Feelings and you get irritated by Pleasure and you set yourself with (Wife) or/and against (Husband),and at least,your founded and builded Mind gives in about his Setting and finding Senses of Love without Lust and Wisdom without Passionfruits,well,then you pray and play,draw and dwell near and be in present Presence gets the Show and Mastery of Gems and Labour about Life in Life,live and true,living and persueing,able and ready,deep and steady,real and heavy. #Amen #GrammarVocalar #CallmyselfWin #Winsledon #LaterHater