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As One's Realisation arises as their Self in their Soul,Quietness and Silence go simular. The Body has no Resource to come into the Goodfeeling,if he is catched by fear or need,so,if he looses his Attachment properly to Moments of Meditation,as he learns and try's Detachment,a clear and empty Room starts to show and by recognicing your Soul as secundary and the Senses of the Self as primary,a Feeling of Wellness arises with a huge Power and by realizing its Flue,you get able to step out any Temptation. Once,you are in Selfrealisation in/about Love,you cannot hide Love,it gets visible all in you and about you with you,and Love even cannot hide itself,it is visible anywhere Life is,and first you feel it,but once you realize itz,it is everywhere,personal and impersonal,imperishable,without Judgement,being Being and Being by it self. A Human without Love is Disabled,because even Lust is Love,but it is Senseless,and Passion is Love,but it has his Duty,but feeling and embracing the One is Selflove in yourself and even in anybody's Self. #Amen #Compound #ReadySetFlow #NeothebigHacker #FlashGordon