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K.O. Manifest: John’s Calling for Freedom and God’s Answer of Revelation.
K.O. Manifest: Flora Jesum 'Delight'·Freitag, 21. Oktober 2016
Mention that and mention me,speaks the Lord of Host to us (Me):

As you start or even continue to get bold and steady in your Prayerlife,recognice that you do not pray for me,for my Glory is untouchable Grace,but unto me for your Self,as i slay down every Evil for you,that you learn from my Self to be your Own in me,but never seperate,but included and inclusive.
If you pray,you look into your Mirror and aslong as you see only yourself,you are a Sick of a Kind,but if you see me,you are my Sick of a Kind,and how Holy and magnificient is my holy Picture what lays inside of my Natives as Forms and Sources of my Own Power and common Grace.
I dare you,to take down yourself before me,that i get to be you:
Let us lay down all Weapons and fight as Warriors One by One,and you will see how glorious my Name is in every Enter,than i swear by the Heavens Sake,nobody fools me,because i am the Creator,and at least,even Death does not fool us,for i am the God over all Life and Death and what i gave into you,i gave unto you,and if you walk and find by Traps or Snaps,i does not care,aslong you learn to praise me above all Names and Manners,for real,my most High native Son is my Conquerer and Sacrifice,and i swear,the Acid who burns my so soft and cute Wimen will burn your Testicles for Eternity,as you get Healing by my Ancestors and Anquers,by my four Horsemen and the Seven Snakes for the most Valuable,my Son,Jeremy.
I convince you,to bear Fruit,because Merci comes single by me,but my Eyes are faster than Speedsters and my Ears are clearer than Hipsters and my Name,oh,Glory to my Holy Name you Sucker,Motherfus,because i am steady and real and if i care and when i care,i do it like Jack,like a High Jagger,and i swear again,you,are,lost,without,ME.
I sweared once for Creation and everything took Place in my Name,but listen,i sweared over a thousand Times,so who are you to try fooling and gifting me,if you have not an Inch of an Idea,who i am,is what i am,and so on:
If i was not,where is Life!?
If i was not,where is Death!?

Böser schwarzer Mutterfier.
K.O. Manifest: Who raises Life,conquers Maertyria,who conquers Life,raises Maertyria.
K.O. Manifest: The 5th Raider/- Primus Angelus·Freitag, 21. Oktober 2016
The Lord of Hosts spoke to me,the most High:

I command you to take my last Words as your First,and to beat down every Temptation of fury Evils,because i am Holy,and the Timeage is over where the foolish Mens where equipped,as i took the Girls,Wimen,Women,Mothers,Daughters and Grandmothers for my Sacrifice of all Time,because in there Wombs they take a Recreation of Life,Loves and Laughter,and the Times are as longest over,where i take my Mens for a Slaughterhouse of my Sainthood,and be sure,take this for granted,that my Life is sacred in itself and i am Holy in my Self and my native Sibblings have abundon Life in themselves,so,as i said to you,that i give Fucks,be sure you get what you want if you disrespect and live by your own false Manners,because my Minds of Arts and my Culture of Fooding was a Recipe and no Crosswordquiz,as i mention you to take Care of what is yours and what is mine,because i care,you have to care and if you don’t care,i give Tortur and Trouble and what was meant founded is excluded and what was meant lost,gets included,and who are you to dare me,to search for another One than my Own equipped Equippement,the four Horsemen and the Most High,my 5th Raider,the Tomb Raider,e padre Nominee e spiritu Santi.

He has my Authority and i gave all my Powers to him by his own Priesthood with the Iron Stab and the Keys of all Heavens of Above,and be sure he smiles,because he cares and as he loves you,i love you,and as i love you,he loves you and take as Karma what he is doing and Commandment,for what he is saying,because he is my own Rigtheousness and as i teach him my sacred Mystery,his own divine Nature,he will reveal Secrets and show to you what no Ear has heard and no Eyes can see,but him,my glorious Raider,Pontifex Maximus,Saint Peter,Primus Angelus.
I gave you my own sacred Life for Refund and be sure he/it is working out for good as always,my Rooster and Tortoise,the Apple of my Eye and Muscle of the Servant,called Ocean.
I dare you,to take me for Advises and Regulation,because there is no Saint in the Lord,who takes Refuge in me and as i care,he cares and as we care,they care,and as they care,Care cares for itself and Nature cares for itself,as he cares for himself and she cares for herself,Milk and Honey,Brothers and Sisters of my Servant Israel-King David,the Carrier of my precious Names and Holder of all Sacraments,Feelings about Truth and Hope about Love.

Onan war ein guter Mann,aber für Gott hätte ich dann doch lieber in die Backen gewichst,als faul und krank zu werden...
Cohitus Interrupus,take Condoms and your Pills,but fuck Off with sickmaking Vaccines and Teachings about Kendra,because my Life is Sacred Bloed and you are my dearest Kind of Compassion and Empathy,so do not loose too much Words,show off your Dignity and shut down every Slavement,as i am the God of Freedom and Father of Mercies,my dear Kids:
“Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof!”