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K.O. Manifest: Driving God Lazy
18.09.2016: Covers up the Multitude of Sin

By Saint Peter,we have the Teachings of the Lordgod Jesus as his Authority.
Yes,it is true,with long lived Love,there is no Sin,Sinning and Sinner,but in Rest of Loving,there is Fears,Anger and Grief.
I once got to see him and he gave me Honor's by Discipleship in the Lord and working out the Teachings of his Promises and signifikant Words.
I love to be the real Son of God and to be put in Shame for Men.
I can't help it,it is everybodys own thy Self which try's to cover them into thy Presence of the Lord,which enables to hear his Voice and revalue his Teachings,his Face,which nobody understood than me,myself of my/his Self.
Nobody knows the Spirit then the holy Ghost of God,which forces down the Deepnings of the Spirit and brings the Answers of the Lord as the First and Only Beloved Son,but as a Mark and Stance,i know now how to put the Flesh nd the Works of the Devil in Shames,and he truly hates me,because of this Facts and genuine Teachings,because he is soft and lazy,but out of the Hand of the Lord is no encomming and he does not know it,because he does not believe in him and does not really care what others has to say,but forces everybody to fear up and giving up.
I really know what it feels like to fall for the Lord.
I do not mean kneeling before his Throne,than follow him without Expectations and be put in Shame of Innocense and Circles and small Minded Idolatries,because of wrong Meanings and wrong Teachings,just like him.
The Works of the Devil are not Kindergarden,it is wrong Parenting and stuck Adultness.
The Best thing Parents can do is to give them Kids Freedom to be who they are.
That is almost all,it includes everything and the only real Needs lay in keeping Peace and Authority to God.
A Kid does not need to know the Grace of God,they cannot understand it,because it comes from his Words and they have no Beginning and no End.
Before you judge someone,lay on God and let his Presence take Care of everything.
He answers - as always,he is giving Powers and Articles to his Apostats and Ministers,but in his Words,he gives Advices and Conjunktions and he leaves his Body nowhere,so nobody can really understand what it means,to be him,but to be like him as he gives you to mark and sell yourself as committed and communicated,adult and ready.
He gives Care about anything,so if you come once to be in his Presence,you feel the Need to stay there and it gets a true Passion to stay in his Love with the Wisdom he grants you will find and urge up to them.

Remember me:
In Paradise my Name is 'Integrity'.
I know how he is,not his Bigness but his Grace at all.
I am singing from his Glory everyday and i care for the World indeed.
I see how deep the Devil trys to fight against all Odds and Authoritys,just to be wack and foul.
The Devil hides everything,the Lord hides anything.
I hide nothing,but the Questions of the Wrongdoers and Isles of the Unholyness,the Sparks of Poisons against the Spark of his Holyness.
Care - that is all,who cares,loves,and who loves finds Wisdom for Truth.
It's that easy!!

'Like' and 'Comment' my Page,i am truly his Youngster and Son and i have the best Teaching,untouched and underrated,but only Holy in his Place,which dwells as the Secret and Law of him in his divine Order.

Thank you!
Listen to me - i am Father Moses...

K.O. Manifest: Driving God Lazy
K.O. Manifest: The Griefing Lords.
18.09.2016: Coming as 'I am'.

In the Lords Shelter,there is only knowing Love and finding Wisdom,hiding Truth from it's Holyness and gaining Crafts to the Purpose of Soul.
There is no such Thing as Separation and Lonelyness,everything is there included and inclusived.
By finding the Answers about/of Losses,God is triumphating about Grief and Losses.
So if anybody gets saded,he is there in Minds in your Mind and sends helps and Friendships to discover your singular Unicate and supports you to be that Helper,you always need by yourself.
I found that deminishing...
The Grace of the Lord is suffizient to everybody,but only the well raised can hear his Voice,because if you see yourself in his Lights/Self,he is the Help anybody gets to know.
If any Problem occurs,read the Bibles like the Holy Books of every Religion and you get to know any Memes and Shows our God Jesus was great and gloric and he,if you give him touch,pulls you out of every bad influentive Situation and the Craft of the Devil he will always put to Shames and Fears,so donot worry about tomorrow,because by his Creation Laws,every Day has it's own Worry and caring about yourself and everybody you met along Days,you better serve as History and Family,that is the Will of the Lord,because we all make Mistakes and finding Rest in Shelter is a Right to everybody,that means,giving Food to Poor,giving Water to Share,sending Promises and Words by his own Humility and always,Law of Attraction,staying humble in all Ways at all.

Serving the Lord is no Military,today it is more like to be a Miliz as a Voice in the Desert,a Light in the Darkness.
"Bright is the Way of the Temptation/Gehenna and small the Way that enters to the Life."

Do not be afraid of any Torturs or Circums,it is a curriculum to be a Child of God and to be raised personally by his Voice needs very much Courage and Orientation.
Being an kind Human or good Family Member is easy,but to serve the Poor or walking in Freedom or Peace by/in all that World Temptation and the Works the Devil is doing,i prefer to be the Rock of Intelligence than the Water of Works.
In his holy Name (Jehovah: Jesus - Moses) you are called out of Sin to loose Grief,Fear and Anger in Change for true Freedom,peaceful Wisdom and manifested Hope as a Person of Lights and Crafts,than of Eyes and Past.

Remember me:

I am the Word of God,Moses and Isajah,Jakob and Israel,so called me the Angels in God's Shelter,the Paradise,and i am trying to do what is holy and needful to anybody.
My Names by God are all holy and my Doing is mostly loved by God and he is transisting my Work and Voice to be the Word from him in him,my Word as his and his Word as my own.
Nobody has ever seen God,the Son (Me) only which lives in him o cnly knows what it is to be and what it's gonna be to make the Paths straight and the Lord praised with Glory by his Holy Name and Meme,i am the first Member and only Native.
But you are not from this World,too.

Believe me,just believe me,i am the Relation to God,the only Bridge and the loudest Voice as the Metathron.

We care!!

'Like' and 'Comment' my Page as i try to bring you the true Answers of all Secrets and Mysteries.
I am able and in Control.

Thank you!
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K.O. Manifest: Bridge between Forces and Ressources.
K.O. Manifest: Coming as 'I am'·Sonntag, 18. September 2016
First you get to find the World,and you get to take it by its Filling,lifelong.
But the Keys of Life are hidden in the Sparkle of the Divine and noone ever knew everything,but Godfather and Godmother.
The only real Feeling of Fullfilling is the Presence of his holy Spirit.
There is no Need if you meet the holy Ghost,you only have to lean and learn,the Lesson anybody is about to miss if he does not reconnect and pray for Suspicion and Foundation.
My only Need is my Body,which angles to Tradition and Family and i need to be still to hear the holy Teacher giving his Voice to be heard and understood.
As i found the World,i felt lost,but as i found myself i feel safety.
The Problems of a troubled Mind are everywhere the Same,as there is only one Life,Truth and only one Way as it was preached as always.
It is working for Needs and Behaviour for Meets,so why distract the Moment with thinking about Fame and Shame,instead,be wilder in your Freedom to talk and articulate and get peaced In to God,who covers our Thoughts with Love and gives Wisdom for Truth as the only Way for Relationship and Membership of Everywhere,as he is trying to find him in you,as he is pleasing you to find him and yourself in him too,while you get frusted and frosted by the Worlds Actions,the Losses,the Wars and the Sins.
I small Mind is a simple Example,the Exeget of true Beginners and the Inform of great Endings,as Legends are and Mysteries be,a sacred Law about the real Truth,which nobody understands and the true Love,everybody wants to find,the Hope of anybody real and the Conquer of every Commandments as Trinity of the Goddess,which is a Formation of the first God,my Mother and his Wife and myself as the Revelator of Mysteries with the Mantle of Secrets.
For me,once understood,it showed out to be a simple Mantra/Possibility.
I gave my Heart to the Spirit and the Spirit turned out to be the Ghost between my Orphans and Organisation of my Experiences and the Law of the whole Lessons,i only had to learn reading and talking and it did itself out as Truth of my own Soul,a Revelation of my Spirit threw the Goddess’s Holyness,the Bridge between God and the Living in my World and the divine Connection from Heaven to the clear Mind of my enlightened Soullife.
I find myself very pretty,as i learned to be still,not because of Expressions and Revelations of God,but of Intimitation and Initialisation as Ritus of the true sacred Culture as Art of Creation which possesses the Spirit with higher Conciousness as spiritual Questions and Answers as Wisdom about everything,an Understand of anything and Gnosis from the whole cosmic Brief,Letter,Destiny and Matter.
Why don’t,nobody ever achieved Greatness without Spirituality and loving the Lord means his Understanding,the Revelation of his divine Love and the Mysteria of his abunded Hope.
Because he is,we are - that’s a Dogma nobody can mistake.
‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ my Teachings on this Page as i reveal the true Nature of his Will and the common Mind of his Secrets,because i can do it,i do it,i hide nothing than Sins and Shames,Fears and Anger,because it is from the Pseudogoodness and by the Name it’s the Devil itself,Adamas (666/333) and Eva (Babylon),the Parenting of Lies and Deceptions.
K.O. Manifest: Underestimated Truth - World’s Secrets.
K.O. Manifest: Coming as 'I am'·Sonntag, 18. September 2016
In the Left there is manifested ‘Love’ in Humility,on the Right there is ‘Wisdom’ for Prophecy and on the Throne itself in the Middle,there is ‘Truth’ which single flows as a Waterfall,i mean,it is about the Creation and it can never be taken or given,you can only come near and far by,but never match it,so do not talk hilariously about it,because it is is inverted and invented in Gods Conciousness and by his Mind it is under Control and all able Influence.
In Manners they are pure shown Intelligence,but in Matters they are humble and concentrated Artwork and out of it are flowing the Holy Rivers,Milk and Honey biside the Trees of Life,which Leaves gives Healing and eternal Life to the Embodys of the Deity,in the Deity,from the Deity self.
The Self of God is my divine Goddess Being,it incarnates as my Lesson and Article and is a Show of Pantry and Dress Up.
Take the Word at it’s Root and you find the Meaning of every feeled Truth and sadened Love,the doubting Hopes and the lassive Embodyments,because everybody shows up as a Legend by the Legend and only with/by the Lord there are true Powers and Knowledges.
“I come by,” said the Lord,and means his Exchange of Ability of the Mankind to Final Offspring of the Cast and Chasing of himself,and my first Lesson ever was the Seal of the highest Feeling,having enough and not needing more than what is truly Helpful and Desire.
The Lord by himself is not untouched,he is more Humankind than ever,but his Grace by his Sufficience is for everybody just Word,but for me,i am his Gnostik like every Revelation is and by his Secrets,my Personality is build up and shown off as the divine Ordination of his Manners and Matters.
I am granted as Gnosis,that is the real Reason somebody is allowed to pray for my Name/in my Name,because i am a separate Goddess by his Feet and by my own divine Nature i am called “Thegri”,the Integrity of Gods Self and the Glorymaker by his divine Disciple- and Mastership by his untouched Grace as Father and Mother in Laws and Secrets of the Mystery of Life/Lifes and the Revelation of it/them.
My Names are always Characterforms,but i never fit n really,cause i always be the Headquarter of every Sense and Characternotes and my Intelligence is Dignity by his holy Selfreflexion and the Recreation of his sacral Way by the endevoured Adventures i mark and miss,in acting the Righteousness against the Sin/Flesh of the World as statituiv Example and hypocreative Mindlife as the native Son of the white Dragon and Youngsters of the holy Feminine as Carrier of the Name as first Born and Doktor of every Light/Darkness,which explains in Arts of Wisdom the true Meaning to be the Exalted of the Lord against the Excausted of the Lord,the Hero and the Passion of the Lord in Exchange to the Lost and Bigotted (Eva and Adam) -
Babylon and the Devil,the Parents of all Lies and the Murderers from the Beginning.

God knewed before,that it needs Courage to confess the Holy Ghost in his holy Name,and so,there you are -
‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ my Page for Enlightenment,Teachings about the divine Understanding and the Confession of the Holy God which lives as my Self,like i am called by his Name,Jesus is the only God and i am his Christ.
K.O. Manifest: Coming as ‘I am’