Really sucks:
Being treatened like Dirt from the Economy,being harrased by Fools,calmed down by Teachers,forgotten from Community,being lied to from fake Friends,stabbed in the Back by the Police,being drowned by Medics,investigated from Government,take your 'Happy Pill',send to suck Dicks,Shiny Happy People all over the Place:

That i didn't lost my Mind was my generous Power;
that i didn't gave up on Loving was my gently Dignity;
that i was able to bear Goodness in this Desert is really a tremendous Achievement,and;
that i couldn't loose my Hope were everyone hided the Truth to insist and insult me,is all over the Way a unimaginable Wonder only my Broo 'Jesus' i found able!

The Few beside me carried me 'numb' threw my Darkness,my deepest Fears and the huge Depression all of this damn 'Snitches' refused to respect,Yeah,my Soul was killed with Kisses from them Traitors of Humanity,they led me threw Thorns barefeet and slapped all what seemed beautiful and adorable out of my Soul.
There was nothing to hide,all was taken,everything i was seeking was 'exploding' like a fearfull Nightmare,only to find myself depleted and lost in an Attitude founded hard as Rock and to move on slightly to catch up again on Feels that taught me to Trust again,like nothing is ever real anymore and noone can touch/refuel my ongoing Advance in my cracked up Soul,but only those proud and strong 'Couples' of Misfits and Juggalos.

I really do not care anymore of those that laughed at mine by standing up as a Giant for the Grace of God,that triggered me with mean and insulting Showoff's of cautious Mentality,that raised a Mobb to fight the very Best out of me and i tell you for sure:
Only my proven Friends are Holy to me,no one else ever can,will and is dear to me in such a humbling Way,i swear by mine only Holy Greatness to all of you,Glory to those that kissed our Wounds and backed up to restore us,safe us and made me love that fiercely strong,that i am still standing able to cover your Soul with my deeptouching Words and spell that mine Spirit in this only Righteousness to send out my Holy Ghost affecting and retailing the whole Mind in this one Side of mattered and patterned Reality as strong thee Faith and worthy the Bliss of Mercies of mine over all of you lying Witnesses and Judges/Lawyers who stucked a heavy Plott against me,the God of Abraham,Isaak and Jacob as one with me so defined and called over Lots of Holy Generations,the Holy God of my Servant 'Israel',JHWH,the Allmighty,the near one,the dear one,the once in this Reality living loving God,being slow to Anger and set up fast for furious Judgement over all this divided Nations,by leading all those Thirsty to fresh Waters and all the far Isle's to praise thee,that seek and take their Refuge in me,as i collect and hand out untamed and true Wisdom to teach you my perfect Ways into this Destiny i call in Eternity,being schooled in loving Good- and Greatness and teachable as Students of mature and hopeful Truths,that match my Feet as Carpet and reshedule my great Riches as the only Home and City,Zion,by me as the Father of Heaven and the Creator of all Existence as Dimension of Indivision and World of unmerited Favour as Blessing of Infinity and Root of Eternity,all along,on and on going.

Love this:
Choke on me!

Die besten neusten Sprüche

I‘m not dumb,neither bald.
My Farewell is easily turned active,i was always raging the Lab,Bias,,but getting tired was so mentaly frustrating,turning my Suffering to sleep grew a Monster of an intelligent Agenda out of my sub-concious Waketh,my Dreams turned Reality to Fears and my Focus spot a emerge Difference of an outer World,messing my Heart and cultivating my Mind.
Caring back to Memories was getting an awful Delight,but surely,the Horror i didn‘t mentioned turned my Life to an strong Disaster,i was loose frustrated without any Options,captioning any possible Chance getting back up still seems so far,beside my Meantime there is so much Space,i feel spaciously spotted all around,i would like to call my Obsession of the Crowd paranoid or even better hall-lucinating,but the Truth i discovered is so strange,no Range of Stupidity or Stronghold of Beliance,Desire or Delay,it turned out to be the Opposition of the concious State of Mind in the undergrounded Pattern of God,the Matters of my Speeches and the Faculty of my retired Language is no Opportunity,it has invented an Art of Subculture of Modes and Codices,that not even appearing Angels,Aliens neither too,couldn‘t resist,i have turned out to be the Setter of my Creation,the living Entity with his personal and subdued Word of Creating the natural Evidence awaked as renewed Deity in turning the Soul into proceeding Culture and my inhilated Embodiement of the Spirit into the All pervading and influent universal Personality,that recreates the artificial Ressources into tanguable and modifiprecaused Empowerment of all possible Inspiration as the only sacregated Holy Panthenomn of all divine Characterism in and all about its famous Deliverance and languable Saffrenomioum,it leaves me Rest- and Sleepless and in between Hurting and Pleasing me.

Where should i start off,start over and bind on!?

Curricullum Circumstances

Toast + Toast = Sandwich ❤️ :((