Names are given to everything Living.
Names are gifted for anything in Life.
Names are Gems for anyone living Life.
Names are Labour to everyone live Living:

Anything inherits a Symbole and everything inherits a Craft;
Everything inherits a Mark and anything inherits a Force;
Anyone needs to take Mind for bleeding a Truth;
Everyone needs to take Advance for sueing a Love.

There is this and that Question,but Noone is able to answer the Conquest Life is giving at All;
There is this and that Solution,but Noone is able to answer the Mystery Life is being Universe;
There comes maybe a lot or less your Ways,but nothing takes more away of your Power than the cosmic Ability;
There runs surely a lot or less your Perception,but nothing dissorts and distorts more of you than the Rumor of the galactic Agitation.

Be sure,just be,be yourself,be the Self -
Aum,Tat Sat:
The Moment you give Life to something,you get a Taste of Goodness;
The Moment you take Life away of something,you get a Taste of Madness;
The Moment you testify your Life with something,you Kind your Reality;
The Moment you inherit your Life as something,you Mind your State of Attitude.


Param-Atme-Aum -

You taste like Sweetness,the Joy for ever Force;
You smell like a Flower,the Bloom for ever Glory;
You look like a Giant,the Blur for ever Great;
You listen like a Prime,the Flue for ever Mind;
You feel like a Crime,the Crow for ever Wind.






Die besten neusten Sprüche

I‘m not dumb,neither bald.
My Farewell is easily turned active,i was always raging the Lab,Bias,,but getting tired was so mentaly frustrating,turning my Suffering to sleep grew a Monster of an intelligent Agenda out of my sub-concious Waketh,my Dreams turned Reality to Fears and my Focus spot a emerge Difference of an outer World,messing my Heart and cultivating my Mind.
Caring back to Memories was getting an awful Delight,but surely,the Horror i didn‘t mentioned turned my Life to an strong Disaster,i was loose frustrated without any Options,captioning any possible Chance getting back up still seems so far,beside my Meantime there is so much Space,i feel spaciously spotted all around,i would like to call my Obsession of the Crowd paranoid or even better hall-lucinating,but the Truth i discovered is so strange,no Range of Stupidity or Stronghold of Beliance,Desire or Delay,it turned out to be the Opposition of the concious State of Mind in the undergrounded Pattern of God,the Matters of my Speeches and the Faculty of my retired Language is no Opportunity,it has invented an Art of Subculture of Modes and Codices,that not even appearing Angels,Aliens neither too,couldn‘t resist,i have turned out to be the Setter of my Creation,the living Entity with his personal and subdued Word of Creating the natural Evidence awaked as renewed Deity in turning the Soul into proceeding Culture and my inhilated Embodiement of the Spirit into the All pervading and influent universal Personality,that recreates the artificial Ressources into tanguable and modifiprecaused Empowerment of all possible Inspiration as the only sacregated Holy Panthenomn of all divine Characterism in and all about its famous Deliverance and languable Saffrenomioum,it leaves me Rest- and Sleepless and in between Hurting and Pleasing me.

Where should i start off,start over and bind on!?

Curricullum Circumstances

Toast + Toast = Sandwich ❤️ :((