When you say that everything is good,it is the only Mind;
when you say everything is bad,it is the only Heart;
if you say anything is good,you please it to live Life,give Life live;
if you say anything is bad,you join and rejoice it to living Dead,be like Dead,dying is not optional,Sweety.

Overcome the Evilish with Kindness and the Evil with Goodness.
Overcome the Temptation with Glory and the Body with Greatness.
Overcome the Suffering with Ability and the Pain with Agitation.

Love is all about Life;
Living is all about Love;
Life is no Choice and no Option,Dude:

As you grow tired,you move to Silence;
as you grow weary,you move to Quietness;
as you grow older,you move to Sadness;
as you grow bald,you move to Grief.

There is a Chance given and it is searching for you;
if you choose it,it chooses you,before you are,you where;
as you come up listening,you set a Standart about 'Why so';
as you are about to see,you get a Taste of Recognition about 'How so';
as you are about to learn,you indentify your Intelligence about 'Anyhow';
as you long for more the Less,you negotiate/persevere your Dignity as 'Somehow':

You can do nothing to please God and you can do everything to please God,that does not changing him or giving him away,but if you do anything to anyone and everything to everyone,that gives him Exam and as you retail/detail your Light/Darkness,you are about to be an Example in his Service and Kingdom,because he is coming in all about and all in,and better you are ready,than to be fooled and lost.






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