There is only one who comes up steady,and the one who is able,is tanguable,like the one,who is like a Shaddow.
He walks as the Light in Darkness,and as he concentrates hisself on the Word,their Shaddow leaves,fallen Leafs.
He is very good and anything he does is very good,what he did is very good and what he is about to do,will be very good.
He cannot lie to himself as Unbornness,but he teaches to be awake in Selfbeing,he gives,gifts and leads the Path to Conciousness and the One who follows,is in general Humblence and Prudence.
He cannot hide what he is,Hello,Hello,Octopus,he is here,there,anywhere and everywhere!
Get him wrong and call yourself sick,call him right and call yourself thick,call him left and call yourself thinn,call him up and call yourself proud,call him down and call yourself stumbling,call him in and call yourself out,call him out and call yourself dumb,call him this or that,he is pure Domination,Dominion,and he cannot give up,well,he Is able,but if he refuses to live and like by,lie and lay by,nobody can overcome,World would dissapear,getting raged and betrayed.
But he is good and pure Goodness,he reminds himself as One of a Kind and finds himself as One of all Kind.
That triggers him:
He is Psychess,Psyder and Psyoth:
- The Father of anyone's Finding,Choosing,Standing,Taking,Having,Remembrance,Memory,Thought,Feeling,all what is in and about,anything and everything reveals an Ode and Antipode of him.






Die besten neusten Sprüche